Our Projects

“We are thrilled that Prolove Ministries inspires women to pursue their dreams in school even when they had a ‘bump’ in life along the way. Mama Scholar is a fund that empowers and equips single mamas to know they CAN have their baby and their dreams too!”

Amy Ford

Founder and President of Embrace Grace


This site is a comprehensive database of health and safety violations at abortion facilities. We are not gathering news articles about what happened at facilities or videos of ambulances. We are simply posting the Department of State Health inspections and responses to our FOIA requests.

At this event by WOMEN and FOR WOMEN, we are coming together to proclaim that women’s empowerment cannot be attained by the oppression of other human beings. We are reclaiming the narrative of women’s empowerment; we are reclaiming our voice as the grassroots of the pro-life movement. Join us for three days of powerful presentations, fellowship, friendship, and fun that promises to be unrivaled and unforgettable.

Loveline is a crisis call line for women who are facing unplanned pregnancies who feel they have exhausted resources in their area. Our hope is to discover the need, uncover hidden resources and connect her with one of our volunteer advocates in her area to help. LoveLine will be accessible 24/7/365.

Mama Scholar is a project in collaboration with Embrace Grace to offer young unwed mothers the opportunity to complete their education by awarding scholarships to mothers who complete the Embrace Grace program.

Hurt After Abortion - Find help healing and justice

Hurt After Abortion is a project to provide a pathway to justice and healing for women who have been physically or emotionally harmed by a past abortion. We can provide a referral for legal consultation, options-based healing approach, and help you obtain your medical records from the abortion clinic. Your experience matters and you deserve to be heard.

This project is an international outreach that seeks to bring hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless, be a voice for the voiceless, and bring victory to the vulnerable. We believe that all life is sacred, all people should have their basic needs met and all people should know they are loved.