We’re ready to promote new ideas to solve old problems by creating life-affirming projects, supporting the launch of new organizations, and bringing new life and ideas to well-established organizations within the prolife movement.

This isn’t really a new concept for our leader and founder, Abby Johnson. She has an incredible track record for identifying gaps in the prolife movement and then building successful strategies to address those issues. And Then There Were None, an organization that assists abortion industry workers in leaving the abortion industry is probably one of her most well-known successes. Check My Clinic and Pro-Life Women’s Conference are also shining examples of Abby and her team recognizing a need in the culture and creating successful plans to fill those needs.

We’re not done yet. In fact, with the launch of Prolove Ministries, we’re really just getting started! Our mission is to connect resources to help identify blind spots in the pro-life movement and unite passion and vision to provide comprehensive strategies that work to promote the value of all life, regardless of stage of development, race, age, gender, or ability.