Pro Love

Prayer Call

Thank you for your dedication to support ProLove Ministries. ProLove Ministries has shown us the power of hope faith and love.

During these times in our nation, we believe that we can turn the unprecedented challenges we face into an opportunity that will make us spiritually stronger and healthier.  

 We believe there are new ideas to solve old problems by creating life-affirming projects, supporting the launch of new organizations, and bringing new life and ideas to well-established organizations within the prolife movement.

Our mission is to connect resources to help identify blind spots in the pro-life movement and unite passion and vision to provide comprehensive strategies that work to promote the value of all life, regardless of stage of development, race, age, gender, or ability.

We believe that prayer is the most important way we do this. 

It will bring us closer as a family to spiritually protect and support the most vulnerable in America and offer our commitment to stand in the gap where we can.  

 Join the FB page where we will pray for our different projects and affiliates every week as well as one of the 5 weekly topics.