Welcome to The Baby Registry

LoveLine Ministries works with many mothers who have experienced the unthinkable throughout their lives and their pregnancy. Through the trauma these women have experienced, we want to be the beacon of light for these women. If you are able to contribute and donate to a registry, anything you have to give to help these women will be such a blessing to them, their child, and their future. 

Common Registry Items Needed

Baby Blanket unisex $15

Toddler Mattress $85

Delta 4-1 crib $220

Baby Bouncer $60

Ingenuity swinger/rocker $115

Baby swaddle Blanket $28

Who We’re Helping


Nyangel is just 18 years old and pregnant. Despite her family’s disapproval, she has chosen LIFE for her child.¬† Nyangel has recently lost her job. Loveline has helped her with her cell phone bill, car payment, resume writing and job searching. We have also connected her to a chapter of Embrace Grace and a Pregnancy Resource center. We even found a wonderful organization willing to throw her a baby shower! Please consider donating to her registry so she has gifts to open at her shower and all the supplies she needs for this beautiful child.

Brittney’s Registry

Brittney is a hard working single mother of an 8 year old daughter and is pregnant with her second child. She works hard and is not behind on any of her bills going into maternity leave. However, Brittney cannot afford to take any maternity time. Loveline is assisting with her bills during maternity leave, providing her with financial coaching and we would love to bless her with some baby items. Please help us ease this mother’s burden by purchasing items from her registry.

Megan’s Registry

Megan and her young baby were in a scary domestic violence situation. It was a team effort to find her safe housing. Our staff and volunteers spent hours researching and vetting places and we kept getting shut down. We finally found a safe place to send her. Once she was accepted, she grabbed what she could and when a brief moment presented itself, she grabbed her baby and go bag and ran. She had help from a friend and made it to safe shelter. She had to leave most of the baby’s possessions behind. The baby is on a special formula and she was only able to grab 2 cans when they left. Please help us purchase items for her baby to get through this tough situation.