Welcome to The Baby Registry

LoveLine Ministries works with many mothers who have experienced the unthinkable throughout their lives and their pregnancy. Through the trauma these women have experienced, we want to be the beacon of light for these women. If you are able to contribute and donate to a registry, anything you have to give to help these women will be such a blessing to them, their child, and their future. 

Common Registry Items Needed

Baby Blanket unisex $15

Toddler Mattress $85

Delta 4-1 crib $220

Baby Bouncer $60

Ingenuity swinger/rocker $115

Baby swaddle Blanket $28

Who We’re Helping

Lia’s Registry

Lia is a young mother of a 1 year old and pregnant with her second.  She found herself in an unplanned pregnancy after her marriage fell apart.  She suddenly had more responsibilities and no financial or emotional safety nets to depend on.  She was abortion vulnerable when she came to us, but Thanks be to God she has decided to carry her pregnancy and parent the baby.  She is a really dedicated mom.  She has been working closely with our financial coach to establish some financial stability for her and the kids.  She is also engaging in counseling services through ProLove ministries. Will you bless her with the items she needs to care for her new baby?

Kalei’s Registry

LoveLine began helping Kalei when she was just a couple months pregnant. Kalei had just left an abortion facility after her friend called and said her church was praying for her.  
They suggested she should call LoveLine. When she called us, she still had the money for her abortion in her account. She gave the money back to her ex-boyfriend and he left. Now she was stuck in a long and expensive lease along with many other bills. 
LoveLine helped her with financial assistance as she worked to find a new job and better living situation. She has landed a new job and is incredibly motivated to be successful for her son. She plans to move to a new state with family, was able to get out of her lease, and plans to work from home and care for her son. She has pulled herself out of a horribly unfortunate situation and grown into a wonderful mom who is determined to give her son the best love possible. This would not have been possible without the blessing that LoveLine provided her. We have also helped her with budgeting and planning for her baby financially. Let’s help her celebrate this new life by purchasing the baby items she needs!


Ali’s Registry

Ali is a pregnant, single mom who is working full time to support her girls. The father of her baby is not involved, leaving Ali to raise her children on her own. Throughout this pregnancy she has found herself often sick with migraines which have prevented her from working as much as she usually does. As a result she has fallen behind on bills and with the added expense of bringing a new baby home, she reached out to Loveline for help. Loveline has helped her catch up on bills, setup a budget and plans to provide her with the necessary items for her baby that will be arriving this month. Please consider helping this mother prepare for her new baby by contributing to her registry.